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Scandic Foods Asia is the largest multi-brand importer of Scandinavian food and beverage products in China. Our mission is to capitalize on the popular Nordic life style trend and provide healthy, tasty and exiting food products for the modern Chinese consumer.

With over 10 years’ experience we have built up a supplier pool, supply chain reources, market channels, a distributor network and online operations.

We are looking for an experienced FMCG Marketing Manager that will play a significant role to set strategic direction, manage branding and market communication to bring us to the next level where we go from mainly a country branding focus to positioning and developing key brands for further expansion.

Job Responsibilities


   Brand Strategy & Market Intelligence

  • Develop segmentation, competitive analysis, market intelligence, branding strategies for different market segments.
  • Lead and provide expertise in consumer, customer, market understanding and insight. Identify emerging business and technology trends and growth opportunities.
  • Develop strategic roadmap and deploy brand action and marketing plans to meet growth objectives, support business strategy alignment, and to achieve goals in market share & operating profit. Lead, manage and transform market insights into business and marketing solutions
  • Ensure alignment with plans in the organization’s sales and supply chain operations.

   Communications & Campaigns

  • Define and manage customer journey and lead digital marketing communication and content strategy across touch points and ensuring consistency with overall brand strategy
  • Lead and coordinate promotional campaigns, PR, events and other marketing efforts across channels to deliver on brand positioning and business goals.
  • Lead and manage effective integrated marketing campaigns aligned with KPIs, target audience, brand values and positioning, and ensure tracking and reporting of results.

  Channel Marketing

  • To develop channel strategy in direct, distributor and on-line channels.
  • Develop strategy and execution initiatives to support distributor network together with related support offers.
  • Ensure uniformity in our brand standards visual identity
  • Plan and support retail penetration, POS and promotion efforts in cooperation with our sales team.

Product Marketing.

  Product Portfolio & Lifecycle Management

  • Aligns the product portfolio with business strategies to achieve target revenue and profitability.
  • Develop life cycle plan for products, from introduction, growth, repositioning and divesture.
  • Maintain and develop the product portfolio & roadmap based on agreed strategy and market competitiveness, and work with stakeholders including suppliers to build plans and support packages..


Pricing Management

  • Works with leadership team to provide clarity on forecasted sales, margin, cost outlook, develop pricing recommendations, and put in place pricing actions necessary to stay on plan for profitability.
  • Identify margin and volume improvement opportunities through product pricing analysis & reviews. Maintain and expand target pricing zones to enable market-based pricing. Provide counsel and support to the sales organization on discount pricing, distributor rebates schemes and trade deals.

Integrated marketing

  • To develop the overall plan to maximize the sales through integrated marketing approach by synergizing all the executions of the product launch, promotion, campaigns, channel approach, with combination of both online and offline communication and supply in most efficient way to deliver the right product to the right customer at right timing.
  • Coordinate marketing plans, product launches and support possibilities with suppliers.
  • Identifying the opportunity of digitalization for better customer experience as well as leaner internal business processes.

Leadership/ People Development

  • Focus on people and organization effectiveness by leading, coaching and motivating the marketing team. Ensure that key talent is properly identified, retained and developed. Build a team for tomorrows requirements.


We are looking for a strategic and established communications leader with superior team management and relationship building skills who seeks to support a culture of learning, engagement, and trust; has a proven track record in FMCG in conceiving, leading, and implementing a variety of marketing and communications campaigns and a systemic approaches for developing and executing robust strategies and action plans

•      Ideally 10-15 years’ solid working experiences in FMCG industry.

•      Good marketing competency in terms of situation analysis, strategic thinking, strategies development and project planning and execution.

•      Solid background and up to date on digital marketing and proven experience in leading and driving digital marketing and communications brand strategies.

•      Customer centricity personality ,with strong sense of accountability and a result delivery focus.

•      Fluent Mandarin and excellent English communication both in written and oral.

•     Technical ability to work with numbers and analysis

Job Description: Marketing Manager China

Location: Shanghai

  • Report to: CEO
  • Sub-ordinates: 5-10
  • Department: Marketing

For more information and to submit your CV please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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