Advisory board


 Bengt Darhult, Sweden, former Chairman of Arla Group, Boardmember of Lantmannen. Founder of Darhult  Dairy.

 Anders Lindahl, Sweden, Founder and developer of several brands (e.g. Turkish Yoghurt) and food   companies (Swedish Honungsförädling, Lindhals Ost)
   Johan Ceije has a background as international marketing director in the KRAV organisation. He is also the founder of Moreganic Sourcing.
   Oliver Schulte, Shanghai, Lawyer and investor, Former Managing Partner in Mannheimer and Schwartling, China
   Stig Victorin, Sweden, Former Finance Manager Scania Group, former Banker SEB, Swedbank
   Jack Ilmonen, Finland, Venture Capital and Private Equity Advisor (China)


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