Our mission is to provide

  • customers with:

  • A culinary and cultural experience based on the good reputation of Sweden and Scandinavia in China.
  • Premium products that will give them status and recognition.
  • Products that is healthy and safe, giving consumers peace of mind.
  • suppliers with:

  • A possibility to substantially increase volumes, lower cost and increase profitability by participating on the Chinese market.
  • A possibility to increase brand recognition globally.
  • A possibility to try the Chinese market in view of future expansion.
  • investors with:

  • A possibility to participate in the fast growing high-end consumer market in China.
  • A safe and stable investment with a high return.
  • Transparency in operations and participation in the company's success.
  • staff with:

  • A possibility to participate in a success and corresponding personal growth and learning.
  • A possibility to profit from the result.

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